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Welcome to new beginnings

True Relationships Counseling

...equipping you for personal and relational wholeness. 

Call us at: 937.510.5595

In our complicated world, it is easy to feel alone, disappointed or lost. 

Our team of Christian counselors and therapists are here to help you

find a way forward.

We Provide Hope

Our team has the hands-on experience to face your most difficult issues. You are not alone in your battles. We will walk with you, and help you work towards a brighter future. 

There is a way forward. We don’t just focus on symptoms. We get to the heart of the matter and facilitate real change. 

You Can Expect

  • EmpathyOur team is made of kind, compassionate counselors with years of experience helping clients face and conquer challenges in their lives.
  • Faith-based therapy Our proven approaches and perspectives will guide you, offer insight, and understand your struggles.
  • Privacy and respectWe honor your shared information and struggles.
  • ProgressOur goal is to help you move forward and seek lasting results.

You choose the counseling option that fits your goals, and we will match you with a Christian counselor or therapist trained to understand your situation. 

We are Partners in Your Transformation

At True Relationships, we honor everyone as unique and every situation as an opportunity for growth. We provide a non-judgmental, small setting where our counselors…


  •       Provide a safe place for you to open your heart
  •       Walk through your needs
  •       Explore the root cause of your challenge
  •       Focus on realistic and lasting healing

We offer multiple approaches to fit your counseling and relationship needs

  • Individual Counseling & Therapy Sessions

    Private, one-on-one sessions that focus on your emotional needs and well being through therapy and Godly counsel. 

  • Couples Counseling & Therapy Sessions

    Counseling for partners in need of renewed, restored, or transformed relationships.      

  • Four Day Intensives

    Intensive Counseling: Four-day Intensives for marriages that are in crisis. Whether from the devastating blow of an affair or long-term relational disconnect, Intensive Counseling expedites recovery versus spending months in weekly counseling. Click here for more information on Intensive Counseling.


...equipping you for personal and relational wholeness. 

Call us at: 937.510.5595