Tele-therapy and In-person

True Relationships has acknowledged the value of offering virtual therapy. However, we did not want it to be unprofessional. We researched for months to find the best teletherapy service available. That is when we discovered Simple Practice. Simple Practice provides a seamless integration of everything the client and the therapist needs for a professional experience. The majority of our clients prefer this modality for many different reasons communicated to us by clients. But, it isn't for everyone so we have continued to provide options for in-person sessions. Scroll down to learn about the locations of in-person sessions and which counselors are doing only tele-therapy.

Tele-Therapy Only

Sheri Schmitt. The True Relationships Columbus is led by Sheri Schmitt, LISW-S. Sheri has been a part of our TR Team since 2013. She lives in Columbus and performs all therapy via Telehealth. Sheri appreciates a shorter commute than driving to Dayton. Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes    

Laurie LaCross. Laurie lives in East Texas and offers Pastoral Counseling via Tele-therapy from her home office

New Clients

New clients can now request an appointment directly from our website.

If you are interested in what True Relationships has to offer but you aren't ready to secure an appointment, then let us know by filling out our I'm Interested form.

In-Person and Teletherapy

Sue Buttrey. Covid changed the way we used the office that previously accommodated all of our counselors. As a result, Sue opted to have a small office to do in-person sessions with. The perfect office opened up just down the road from her home. When making an appointment with Sue via our TR office or on your Simple Practice portal, be sure to specify if you want in-person or teletherapy. Sue's office is located at 2430 Dayton Xenia Road, Suite A.

Tim Buttrey. As of October 1, 2023 the official TR mailing address and the location of Tim's in-person sessions will be at 7071 Corporate Way, Suite 108, Centerville OH, 45459. When making an appointment with Tim via our TR office or on your Simple Practice portal, be sure to specify either in-person or teletherapy.