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4-Day intensive

4-Day Intensives are designed for marriages that are in crisis. Whether that crisis be the result of a devastating blow like an affair or a long-term  relational disconnect in the direction of divorce. A Intensive positions the couple to cover a lot of ground in a brief period of time. The design of the Intensive is perfectly suited for professionals, business owners, ministry leaders or for any couple that prefers to expedite recovery versus spending multiple months in weekly counseling.


  • Who does the Intensives at True Relationships?  Generally, our CEO and Director of Counseling, Tim Buttrey, is the lead for all Intensives. If the Intensive is at our Home Base in Beavercreek, OH Intensive sessions may be augmented by one of our counselors or therapists.
  • Are the Intensives always at True Relationships' offices in Ohio? No. Typically a couple would leave everything behind and come to Ohio to get away from their responsibilities and focus exclusively on their marriage. However, Tim has made exceptions to travel to where a couple lives and then secure a office or meeting room to meet in (typically a local church that believes in TR's mission.)
  • What are some of the key aspects of a 4-Day Marriage Intensive? Unique to TR, Tim spends more than half of each day in counseling. Many organizations host multiple couples for Intensives and usually offer 1 hour of counseling per couple per day. After each day's counseling the couple then embarks on the homework that has been assigned for the couple or each individual spouse. Finally, Tim's approach is unique to each couple, Tim refers to it as "organic." Although there are many tools, principles, and values that are frequently taught, the steps to get to redemption are never the same.
  • What is the cost of a 4-Day Marriage Intensive? $3000. If Tim travels to the couple then his expenses would also need to be covered.