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Setting up your first session is easy. Simply call our office Monday through Thursday from 10am-6pm. 

New Clients:

Please call us at (937) 510-5595 to set up your first appointment. Once your first appointment is on the calendar, new clients need to complete our Intake Form. If you are married, both should complete an Intake Form. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the form. Answering the questions with as much detail as possible will greatly enhance your counselor's insight into you as well as achieve greater understanding of the situation.

Intake Form

Counseling with Director of Counseling: Tim Buttrey

If your marriage is suffering from the effects of long term chaos, sexual sin, or imminent divorce, Counseling with our founder and executive director Tim Buttrey is a service of True Relationships. 

While some couples come with certain conflicts and disappointments in marriage, others come in crisis mode. Tim is experienced in walking couples through the trauma of infidelity, sexual sin, and separation. True Relationships has witnessed God's miraculous restoration of marriages in otherwise hopeless situations. Our focus is to come alongside couples to experience the fullness that God intended in their marriage and take the steps toward true intimacy. 

A fee of $125 is requested at the time of service for each 50 minute session. 

4 Day Marriage Intensives

For the times when a couple wants to jumpstart their marriage in the shortest time possible, we offer our intensive services. Equivalent to approximately 6 months of counseling in 4 days, our intensives are designed to be the turning point for your marriage. Often used by out of state couples who want to utilize our services or simply those in dire need. Click here for more information.

Pastoral Counseling/Therapy: 

The True Relationships counseling team works with couples and individuals across a broad spectrum of issues. Our counselors are committed to providing a safe environment in which to confront the issues you face. We believe that understanding is a top priority, and that anyone can learn and experience transformative change from the inside out. Our team of Christian professional counselors and therapists are equipped with the tools to facilitate health and wholeness. The goal of our team is to walk with you in bringing hope, clarity, renewal, and vision. 

A fee of $100 is requested at the time of service for each 50 minute session. 

Intern Counseling:

True Relationships also offers intern counseling. Our interns have undergraduate degrees and are pursuing their careers in counseling and furthering their education. Our professional counselors work closely with those in training to develop their skills as counselors and bring experienced insight into the counseling process. 

A fee of $60 is requested at the time of service for each 50 minute session. 

Premarital Coaching

We believe marriage is designed by God to flourish. The truth is, thriving and flourishing relationships do not happen automatically. Intentional preparation and maintenance is key. Our SYMBIS certified premarital counselors can guide you through the investment of premarital coaching to set you up for success. Our goal is to walk you through preconceived expectations, how to address conflict in a healthy way, and how to build true intimacy in your home that lasts a lifetime. 

Our program consists of 6 sessions, and includes an online assessment from SYMBIS. We request a preregistration fee of $400 prior to the first appointment.

For Pre-existing Clients Only: 

Reschedule Here                    

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only active clients that have already completed their Intake Form and have been to their initial session with their counselor should use the Reschedule Here link above.


Make a Counseling Payment - Scroll Down 


A minimum of 24 hours is requested to cancel an appointment (other than an extreme emergency such as sudden serious illness or a death). Failure to cancel within these guidelines will result in a charge of 50% of the session fee. This policy is part of the counseling process to encourage responsibility, to respect the needs of others that could have been served, and to honor the time and commitment of your counselor. The fee will be payable upon your next visit.


   Main Counseling Office - Location until Oct. 5th: 1553 Beaver Valley Rd. Beavercreek, OH 45434

                         Location beginning Oct. 8th: 5600 Kentshire Drive Dayton, OH 45440

   Columbus Counseling Office - 1290 Old Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43220

Specific issues we address:

Attachment Disorder                     Guilt & Shame

Boundaries                                    Infidelity

Codependency                              Men and Women's Issues

Conflict Resolution                        Parenting Issues

Emotional Health                           Premarital

Family of Origin                             Pornography

Family Relationships                      Spiritual Health

Fear & Anxiety                               Trauma Recovery

Grief & Loss                                   Victims of Abuse