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True Relationships intensives

4-Day intensive

An Intensive is a great option for couples wanting a more direct therapy approach. Through a series of back to back sessions and homework, an intensive is able to gain ground and reconnect a couple with a speed that weekly sessions cannot. 

Counseling in this format prevents the tendency to spend your weekly sessions going over all that has transpired since your last session, and instead focuses on finding the heart of your disconnect and introduces tools to begin the process of healing and restoration. 

Intensive is not an instant cure all, but it is the best way to maximize your efforts. This option can help couples who are motivated to change conflict to connection in the shortest time possble.

For more information, or to begin the scheduling process call: 937.510.5595


  • Who leads the Intensives at True Relationships?  Generally, our Founder and Director of Counseling, Rev. Tim Buttrey, is the lead for all Intensives. The Intensive sessions may be augmented by one of our other counselors or therapists.
  • Are the Intensives always at True Relationships' offices in Ohio? Not always. Typically the best approach is for a couple to leave everything behind and come to us in Ohio to get away from their responsibilities, buckle down and focus exclusively on their marriage. Local couples have even stayed in a hotel in order to focus entirely on each other, God, and their assignments during the intensive. However, Tim has made exception (if possible) to travel to the city where a couple lives and then secure an office in which to meet  (typically a local church that believes in TR's mission.) 
  • What are some of the key aspects of a 4-Day Marriage Intensive? Unique to TR, Tim spends more than half of each day in counseling with the individual couple. After each day's counseling the couple then embarks on the designated homework. Tim's approach is unique to each couple. We refers to it as "organic." Although there are many tools, principles, and values that are frequently taught, the steps to get to redemption are rarely the same.
  • What is the cost of a 4-Day Marriage Intensive? $3000. The cost comes from blending Tim's normal hourly rate with the added time and resources required for an intensive.  If Tim travels to the couple, then his travel expenses would be additional. 
  • Do you offer Intensives that are fewer days? Exceptions are possible, but not reccomended. From our experience of intensives, the set time of 4 days works. Generally speaking, fewer than four days is not advised for couples that are experiencing traumatic circumstances or imminent divorce.